Conservation Stewardship

The Conservation Stewardship Department works with the community to enhance their property for wildlife habitat. We encourage environmental awareness and stewardship and provide the education, resources, and assistance necessary to improve ecological systems in Southwest Michigan. Our biologists consult with a wide range of business, homeowners, and government agencies.  Click on the links for details on the many programs and services the Conservation Stewardship department provides.

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Winter Bird Feeder Surveys
Do you love to watch the birds at your feeders over the winter months?  Bird enthusiasts of all experience levels are invited to join the 39th annual Winter Feeder Survey!
A joint project between the Kalamazoo Nature Center and Michigan Audubon Society, the Winter Feeder Survey depends on citizen scientists from across Michigan, providing valuable research.  Simply observing and recording what birds visit your feeders provides valuable information about the population trends of birds — the more feeders we watch, the more accurate the results.  KNC supplies everything you need to get started with your count!
If you would like to participate in this important statewide project, contact Jen Tagett at (269) 381-1574 ext. 22 or via email.  


Citizen Science
The Kalamazoo Nature Center prides itself for being able to conduct valuable scientific research in an array of projects. This would not be possible without our many loyal citizen science volunteers. There are several different projects to become involved with, with many different levels of commitment available. All levels of experience and all ages have a place on our team!  Visit Citizen Science Here

Have a Question?
We receive calls and emails with a wide variety of questions. The questions range from, help with identifying sightings, projects we are currently involved with, to just general inquiries about the natural world. Please feel free to call us at (269) 381-1574 and we will connect you with an expert that can help. If you have an identification question, emailing us a picture is always very helpful!  Email Kyle at

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The Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas is your source for information on the birds of Michigan. The book includes accounts of all species that breed within the state, as well as limited information about selected others observed in the state. The book can be Viewed Here or purchased at the Kalamazoo Nature Center

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