Choose your Schedule
• DeLano Farms Market
(357 West E Ave)

Monday 4-7 pm 

• Nature's Way Preschool
(4442 Oakland Drive at Kilgore)
Thursday 5-6:30 pm (limited to 50 shares at the Nature's Way location) 
• Bank Street Farmer's Market
(1204 Bank Street)

Saturday 8-10 am (limited to 50 shares at the Farmer's Market location) 

Welcome to DeLano Farms CSA!

Become a Member of DeLano Farms!  

Check out the NEW DeLano Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) options this year; sign up is now open!

Option 1:  Summer share: 10 weeks, June 15-August 22 for $325 (Monday pick-up at DeLano Market)

                    or $360 (Thursday Nature’s Way Preschool)

Option 2:  Fall share: 10 weeks, August 24-October 31 for $375 (Monday pick-up at DeLano Market)

                 or $390 (Thursday Nature’s Way Preschool)

Option 3:  20-week Half Share, June 15-October 31 for $350 (Monday pick-up at DeLano Market only)

Option 4:  20-week Full Share, June 15-October 31 for $700 (Monday pick-up at DeLano Market
or $750 (Thursday Nature’s Way Preschool)

Enjoy the benefits of:

•  One KNC household membership now included with share(s) purchase

•  U-pick will remain as a bonus to your share with 3 convenient pickup times

•  Educational programs and visiting chef demonstrations designed to help you get the most out of your CSA share.

Pick-up location choices 
1. Mondays at DeLano Farms  4-7 pm (Market Style)
2. Thursdays at Nature’s Way Preschool  5-6:30 pm (Market Style)

Why go to two seasons? We have seen that some folks get a bit overwhelmed by the end of the season, or frustrated that they had to miss weeks for vacations. Most however, would be happy to keep right on going all year long! We hope these changes will appeal to both.

Why be a member of our DeLano Farms Community?  Because you support…
Eating nutritious, locally-grown, healthy food
Educational programming to help you enjoy your food even more
Donating nutritious food to people in need through community food banks

We look forward to seeing you at the DeLano Farms CSA next season! Start enjoying you KNC membership now and attend programs and events all season!

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