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Which groups should come to KNC Summer Youth Programs?
Your group, that's who!

The Kalamazoo Nature Center is the perfect way for your group to gain a brand new appreciation for their place in the natural world.  Allow our professional staff to involve your group in one of our many exciting guided programs. Is your group interested in exploring KNC on your own? You can visit our interactive exhibits, enjoy the seasonal butterfly house and garden, and meet young farm animals at the barn. Our self-guided hiking trails invite you to discover 1,100 acres of woods, meadows, and wetlands.

Summer Youth Programs

Summer Youth Programs (all programs are 1.5 hours unless noted):

Barn Goats

Farm Critters
What lives in a barn? It’s not just the usual farm animals! Small wild animals also use the Nature Center’s big barn. Meet some friendly farm animals and learn about their favorite foods. Explore the farmyard area in search of the wild animals that find food and shelter in various nooks and crannies.  Play a game featuring animal sounds. Ages 4-7.

Habitat Sampler
Your children discover why a habitat is important to animals through a puppet show then head out on a habitat hike.  They will visit a pond, a forest, a stream or a wetland and observe the plants and animals they find during their exploration! Ages 4-7.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail & its Wild Wonders
Students choose which possessions to take in the limited space of a covered wagon, then walk a dusty prairie trail and have the thrill of encountering new plants and animals. A team-building game will help everyone cross an imaginary river. Ages 8-11.

Fossil Hike
Fossil seashells and corals in Michigan? You bet! 
Learn how fossils are formed and why we find them here. Hike to the Nature Center’s gravel pit and search for these buried treasures from ancient times.  Ages 6-11.

Wonderful Water 
On a warm summer day, what can be more fun that water games?  Experience the cooling effects of evaporation. Observe the eroding power of water with an experiment and a game.  Use corks to measure the flow rate of a woodland stream.  Search for some of the hidden residents of the stream. Ages 6-11

Pioneer Chores & Child’s Play
Life on a 19th century Michigan farm was hard work, but children did have time to play! Youngsters do chores at a log cabin and explore an old farm house. Then they can test their wits with some old-fashioned puzzles and try their motor skills with hoops and stilts. Ages 6-11.

Outdoor Adventurer
Take a walk with our naturalist and we’ll help your kids learn nature awareness skills.  These may include some myth busting about common fears of Michigan wildlife, basic nature ID, and map and compass use.  Kids will learn how to better enjoy their surroundings and to leave no trace when they explore the wonderful world of nature. Ages 8-12.

Incredible Insects
They live underwater, inside logs, and on top of leaves. They pollinate our favorite flowers and provide us with a sweet treat. Some use blood for food; others prefer nectar. Look for insects in their favorite hiding places.  Compare your athletic skills with bug champions. All ages.


Investigating the Un-natural Trail
Join our naturalist on a unique trail of discovery. Test your observational skills while you hike to find certain plants and animals.  However, our naturalist’s idea of a Blue Jay is a letter “J” painted blue! Help them find the “unnatural” plants and animals while you decipher other word game clues to learn about the actual living things. Ages 8-12.

Birds of Prey: X-Men of the Wild, Super Heroes of the Sky
Explore the super powers of birds of prey and learn how they survive in the wild. Meet a live bird of prey! All ages.  Check out our Birds of Prey website for other programs with live birds of prey! One hour program.  Note:  An additional handling fee of $25 will be added to the total program cost for this program.

Summer Youth Program Fees

Group Fees:

Guided: $115 per class (30 students max.)  Staff and 5 chaperones are free; $4.00 per each additional chaperone.
Self-Guided: $3.50 per student, Staff are free and all additional chaperones are $5.00 per adult.

An additional handling fee of $25 will be added to the total program cost for Birds of Prey: X-men of the Wild & Super Heroes of the Sky program.

Guided and self-guided groups must pre-register seven days in advance.

Cancellations for non-weather related reasons must be made 48 hours in advance or a $60 processing fee will be charged.

To register, call (269) 381-1574 ex. 24

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