Nature's Way Preschool Staff

Meet the Nature's Way Preschool Staff

Our staff is dedicated to the mission of connecting children with nature while at the same time building competencies that will allow each student to develop into a successful kindergartner in a caring and safe environment. 

left to right: Katherine Miller, Heather Parker, Brenda Mohill, Molly VanTongeren & Holly Morris

Holly Morris

Holly Morris - Teacher

Holly has been a teacher at Nature's Way Preschool since 2006.  She attended WMU where she earned a BS in Elementary Education with an Early Childhood Education Endorsement.  She enjoys exploring nature with her students and learning something new every day.  (especially when prompted by the students to further investigate a topic!)  Email Holly

Katherine Miller

Katherine Miller - Teacher

Katherine joined the Nature's Way Preschool staff in 2012.  She has taught 4-5 year olds at a Great Start Readiness Program and has a degree from Western Michigan University.  She has a passion for working with young children and protecting and embracing the environment, and spends time camping, hiking, disc golfing and snow boarding.  Email Katherine

Molly VanTongeren

Molly VanTongeren - Teacher
Molly joined the Nature's Way Preschool staff in the fall of 2013. She studied Elementary Education at the University of Michigan and currently attends Western Michigan University for a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education with her ZS endorsement. Molly loves to spend time outdoors with her students and fellow nature lovers!  Email Molly

Brenda Mohill

Brenda Mohill - Nature's Way Assistant Director
Brenda has worked for the Kalamazoo Nature Center for 27 years and has been at Nature's Way for 18 years.  She is an important part of the history of this program.  Her daughter attended the very first class of Nature's Way students in 1982.  Brenda loves to share her love of nature with her students.  When she is not at Nature's Way, her favorite place is the upper peninsula of Michigan.   

Heather Parker

Heather Parker - Early Childhood Director

Heather has been a young fives teacher, a Headstart director and has worked for the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Michigan State University and a Master of Education from Grand Valley State University.  She is the proud parent of Paige, Ella, and Spencer, all alumni of Nature's Way Preschool.  She has loved this program for many years as a parent and feels lucky to now be on the team as a staff person.   

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